2019 Colorado Collective Member Survey

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Tell us what you like about the group as it stands now. (stuff you want to keep)
Tell us what value or changes should be made for 2019. (stuff you want to add)
Tell us what don't like about our group. (stuff you don't want)
Submit your feedback on a few ideas I've heard to improve the value of the monthly Colorado Collective meetings. A FEW DEFINITIONS: A Problem Solvers or MasterMinds meeting would be a format where each member has about 10 minutes to present a problem, challenge, or solution to the group and solicit feedback, ideation, and/or help. Hands-on workshops would probably be weekends or nights and hosted by different members to practice a new creative technique, learn something new. (gift items, arts & crafts, photography, etc) This would be in addition to the monthly meetings and probably only 3 or 4 times a year. Rotating locations would require different members each month to coordinate and manage meetings local to their home/office.
-- We should we try a Problem Solvers or MasterMinds styled meeting .
-- We should have guest speakers more often.
-- We should offer hands-on workshops for creative projects.
-- We should rotate hosting locations between Denver and Boulder areas?
-- We should find a new meeting location that is quiet and more suited to conversation.
-- IF we find a new meeting location it's important to me that they have coffee/food services at, or near that location.
Things I like about the group.
Check any/all that apply.